You’ve found your way to a safe and lively space for considering grounded spirituality and cultural creativity. My name is David Dunn. I’m the one swimming in the choppy waters beneath the SpiritJourneys blog.

I try to keep up with the world, especially what gives life to ordinary people. I have an active interior life: I’m endlessly curious and I try to be honest and thoughtful. I pay attention to my feelings as worthy messengers with important information. I mostly succeed in not drowning on the down days or flying off the handle on the odd manic days. Both happen every now and then.

The “eyeglasses” through which I see life—the mindset that I bring to my work—are the questions, beliefs and practices from the Judeo-Christian tradition: who or what is God, is Jesus the savior, what is Spirit, what does it mean to have a Lord, where does life come from, can we and how do we transcend human limitations, where do we find courage to grow up and what sustains our conviction to love and serve the world around us?

My worldview has also been influenced by living in India, Egypt, Australia, Bosnia, Russia and the US. My heart has been touched by Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and by people with no discernible faith tradition who have become deep spirit friends. I’ve come to believe that the highest calling of a person of faith is to encourage and support the spiritual path of others, no matter what life experiences launched them on their spirit journey.

I pay attention to the interplay between my interior life and the outer world. I try to live gratefully as one given the power to get real, make fruitful choices and act as a creative servant leader. I try to deal with reality and live in the real world. This inside-outside connection is the heart of my mission: to help people “live on both sides of their skin” so that we can help one another shape and care for the world.


David and Burna

David and Burna

I’m a writer, editor, and desktop publisher—I call what I do “creative companioning.” I’m a deacon in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion. The passions beneath both the craft and the vocation include a love of telling stories, creating images, and learning by listening. I have a degree in theology, a certification as a spiritual director, and a hodgepodge career as an itinerant community activist, organizational facilitator, director of publishing for a national nonprofit, and freelance “creative generalist.”

Visit my Flickr photo gallery and portfolio.

My wife (an English as a Second Language teacher, avid reader and pianist) and I live in Denver, Colorado. We share interests in music, theater, hiking and reading together. We also share four grown children, eleven grandchildren, and two great grandchildren between us. We’re both too young to be so blessed. :’)

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  1. Terry Bergdall says:

    Best wishes, David, with your reflections on the journey. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Lynda says:

    Thank you, David, for these insightful musings. Thank you for nudging us to look at it by sending it to the OE list serve. Lynda


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