iPads sells Hondas

A MacWorld forum question “Is the iPad revolutionary?” drew this response: “…is the iPad as revolutionary as the car, or is it more evolutionary, such as the development of the SUV to replace the minivan and station wagon?  Sure, the SUV changed things, but not as much as the first step of widespread car ownership.”

In a world where truth and perception pretty much always dance awkwardly together, maybe we should ask, “Which came first, the iPad or the Car?”  The Denver Post (7/31/10) landed on our doormat this morning with an advertising sleeve. The word Pad in huge letters appeared above the fold and the Honda logo and pitch below. I wondered, is the dealer trying to sell a tepid car on the sizzle of an iPad? Is the buzz about the iPad more wish for a revolution than a bona fide revolution? Is the real revolution a shift in our internal expectation from the PC-as-tool to the iPad-as-experience? of connection? of freedom? of power? An iPad as spokes-technology for Honda—no “Spokes-potato” here—is an amazing juxtaposition of the first of something new and the last of something old.

Honda advertisement offering iPad

Above the fold…

Denver Post ad for Honda

The Full Monty

My bottom line question: What are Apple and Honda doing to help us make the transition from the unsustainable age of petroleum to a sustainable age of living in harmony with a vulnerable planet. Which technology contributes more to awareness of human limitations and possibilities: the Apple iPad or the Honda Hybrid?

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